PremierNetwork (Playingo)

PremierNetwork is one of the largest Minecraft game servers in Turkey, and it has been around since 2014. In 2020, they wanted to improve their players’ experience by creating an interactive website that is connected to the Minecraft server. They chose Starrish Media to help them make this happen. In 2022, PremierNetwork rebranded as Playingo and started offering other gaming options as well.

  • Customized back end with easy management options.
  • Pages designed with captivating eye-candy visuals and animations to maintain visitor attention.
  • Integrated Google Translate translation function to cater to European players.
  • E-Commerce solution seamlessly integrated with the game, ensuring instant delivery of purchased items to players.
  • Mobile-optimized Progressive Web App that defaults to the Store page, maximizing conversion rates.
  • Multi-currency setup supporting TRY and EUR.
  • CDN delivery for exceptionally fast page loading times.
  • Wallet system enabling players to pre-load their accounts with funds.
  • Discord integration for server administrators to receive notifications regarding purchases.
  • The website is fully editable by the server administration.

Gallery (Full Screenshots)

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Some elements may look slightly off in screenshots due to page parallax animations.

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