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...we create things for you, do not receive any credit, and keep everything confidential.

What are White-Label products / services?

White label products and services are made by a third party, separate from the company that sells them or promotes them. The benefit is that a company doesn’t have to handle the entire process of developing and selling a product. Instead, different firms can specialize in different aspects: one can focus on production, another on marketing, and yet another on sales, based on their respective skills and preferences. The primary advantages of white label branding include time, energy, and cost savings for companies in terms of production and marketing expenses.

Our History

Starrish Media was initially a team of music ghost-producers (similar to ghost-writers) who created music for others without receiving credit. As we expanded our services, we realized that businesses highly appreciate this approach. Therefore, we decided to offer white-label services for all our service categories, keeping our original model intact.

We understand that not everyone requires or prefers this model, so recently we removed the additional charge for white-labeling from our service pricing. Instead, we now offer it as a very affordable extra. This way, our clients have the freedom to choose whether to go the white-label route or not.

License Comparison

White-label solutions present a different concept with unique specifications, without any clear advantages or disadvantages.

Normal Licenses White-Label License
Do we require attribution?
Can you take sole credit for your project?
Can you sell the end product?
Will our portfolio include your project?
Can Starrish Media promote your project?
Can we showcase your project on our social media?
Are team members allowed to talk about your project?
Can you monetize the final product?
Can we sell your project to others?
Can we include links to your social media or website? (Backlinking)
Will your project be covered by a Non-Disclosure Agreement?

White-Label Pricing List

This list excludes ongoing discounts and only applies to custom projects made through Starrish Media.
White-label orders made from our Store are subject to a flat fee of 18%.

HTML Table Generator
Service Category White-Label Pricing
(Below $175)
White-Label Pricing
(Above $175)
Music Production 20% of total amount 15% of total amount
Web Design & Development 20% of total amount 15% of total amount
Branding Services 15% of total amount 10% of total amount
Graphic Design 20% of total amount 15% of total amount
Web Hosting
0% of total amount 0% of total amount
Social Media Services 10% of total amount 8% of total amount
Other 17% of total amount 14% of total amount

Are you planning to resell our services? Check out our reselling service.

Frequently Asked Questions

White-label services refer to products or services developed by one company and then rebranded and resold by another company under its own brand name. It involves outsourcing the production or development of a product or service to a third-party provider, who allows the client company to market and sell it as their own.

At Starrish Media, even individuals can benefit from white-label services.

We started offering white-label services after realizing that businesses highly appreciate this approach. After expanding our services we decided to offer white-label options for all service categories while keeping the original model intact.

Using white-label services allows companies to offer products or services under their own brand name without the need for in-house development or production. It saves time and resources while still providing a quality offering to customers.

We understand that not everyone requires or prefers the white-label model. To cater to such clients, we removed the additional charge for white-labeling from our service pricing. Instead, we now offer white-label services as a very affordable extra, giving our clients the freedom to choose whether to go the white-label route or not.

Sure! Let’s say there’s a software development company called ABC Software Solutions. Instead of building an email marketing tool from scratch, ABC Software Solutions can partner with a white-label provider like Starrish Media. Starrish Media will develop the email marketing tool and allow ABC Software Solutions to rebrand it as their own, with their own logo and branding. ABC Software Solutions can then sell the tool to their customers under their own brand name, without having to develop it internally.

White-label services are popular across various industries, including software development, marketing and advertising, E-Commerce, music, telecommunications, finance, and consumer goods. Essentially, any industry where companies want to offer additional products or services under their own brand can benefit from white-label solutions.

While white-label services offer flexibility and convenience, there may be certain limitations or restrictions depending on the provider. For example, there might be restrictions on modifying the core functionalities of the product or service, or limitations on customizations. It’s important to clarify these details with the white-label provider before making a decision.

You can find some key points of our white-label license here.

White-labeling can have a positive impact on the reputation of the client company. By offering high-quality products or services under their own brand name, the client company can enhance its reputation as a comprehensive solution provider. However, it’s crucial to choose a reliable white-label provider to ensure the quality and integrity of the offerings.

Absolutely! White-label services can be particularly beneficial for startups or small businesses that may not have the resources or expertise to develop their own products or services from scratch. It allows them to leverage existing solutions and enter the market quickly under their own brand, without significant upfront investments.

White-labeling can often lead to more competitive pricing for the client company. Since the core product or service is developed by the white-label provider, the client company can avoid expenses related to research, development, and production. This cost-saving is often reflected in the pricing, making the products or services more affordable for the end customers.

Yes, in most cases, white-label services can be customized to match the client company’s branding. This includes incorporating the client’s logo, color scheme, and other visual elements to ensure a consistent brand experience for their customers. However, the extent of customization may vary depending on the white-label provider and the specific product or service being offered.

At Starrish Media, we always try to focus on our clients’ individual requests and favor their modifications.

It’s important for both the white-label provider and the client company to establish a clear legal agreement that outlines the terms of the white-label arrangement. This agreement should cover aspects such as intellectual property rights, branding guidelines, confidentiality, and any limitations or restrictions on the use of the white-labeled products or services. You can always contact us to learn more about this topic.

Please feel free to reach out to us for any additional inquiries or if you require assistance in making a decision.

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